Are you emotional about achieving your career goals in Australia?

Are you emotional about achieving your career goals in Australia? 

Are you an I-mmigrant (intellectual migrant) or E-mmigrant (emotional migrant)?

People migrate to Australia for many personal reasons. Reasons such as, earning more money, enjoying better lifestyle, offering best education and other privileges to family, work-life balance, for having their own space, nurturing self and children's sports activities, getting their parents across for better lifestyle, saving money to donate to noble cause, due to excellent weather conditions, for exploring the country through nurturing their hobby for trekking and traveling, fulfilling their need for belonging which every human being has, and many more.

But the migrants who live significant and fulfilled life are ones who are emotional about their migration, not just intellectual. Let me give you a few examples to demonstrate what I mean.

When I started my new career in Australia 20 years ago I got to know a guy through work who then was just 3 months old in Australia. Through my verbal communication with him I could feel a strong negative speech pattern in him about Australian people, culture, and systems.

When I asked him why he migrated to Australia, "for the sake of children" was the stereotype answer I got. Then, within one week he not only quit his job but left the country with his family, thereby missing out on the best opportunity life had offered him. Reason? He was too distracted with things that were taking him away from his goals, because he was not emotional about succeeding in Australia.  

In another case, I knew a family who migrated to Australia to make their daughter's career in sports. They expected very high salary jobs without striving for them, without taking professional guidance, and without knowing market salary projections. And when they couldn't find them, they returned back to their native country disappointed, within just a few months. I call this "surrendering without fighting the battle". Reason? absesnce of emotional involvement in achieving career goals. 

Now compare these two examples with this one. This family migrated to Australia during the period of economic downturn in early 90s - worst recession since the Great Depreesion. After landing at the Melbourne airport with their 3 year old child they did not know where to go. It took them several years to settle in Australia, but with courage and persistence they supported each other to the extent that today their highly educated children are well settled and the failiy is living a great life.    

You see, people make the biggest decision of their life of migrating to a new world. But the question is, are they emotional about their migration. In many cases, they are not.

The reality is, only emotions lead to action, reasons can only lead to conclusion.

Families that are emotional about their migration know their higher purpose very well and find their way around any challenges to reach their goals, like a river who after going over bumpy rocks and steep falls meets its destination, the sea.They give their heart, blood, and sweat to do whatever it takes to achieve their goal and see themselves at the top. 

Give it a thought, I know you will.

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