Welcome to Australia 

Assuming you have already made arrangements with your temporary accommodation prior to arriving in Australia and you are settled, you should do the following as soon as possible, ideally within the first few days of your arrival.

  • Register with "Centrelink" - Please locate your nearest Centrelink office. Centrelink can help you in Family Assistance payments for the cost of bringing up your family, if you qualify for it.
  • Register with "Medicare" - Go to the nearest Medicare office with your family and your passports to register with "Medicare". Medicare is a government scheme that provides help with your basic medical expenses. Quite a few Doctors in Australia offer "Bulk Billing" meaning free consultation on your Medicare Card.
  • Open an Account in a Bank - You will need a bank account to receive most types of incomes in Australia including salaries. Please go to a bank of your choice close to your residence with your passport and other identification documents to open a bank account. Banks require 100 points ID before you can open an account. Couples may consider opening a joint bank account. Some of the banks in Australia are Westpac Bank, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ Bank, Bank of Melbourne, National Australia Bank, Bendigo Bank, Bank of Queensland, Bank of Sydney, Macquarie Bank etc.
  • Enrol your children at school - Enquire about the schools in your area and enrol your children in suitable schools.Private schools in Australia offer education at relatively much higher fees in comparison with Public schools. 
  • Apply for a Tax File Number (TFN). This is a must. You need a Tax File Number (TFN) to receive any kind of income in Australia. You can apply for your TFN online anytime. However, you must be present in Australia at the time of applying for your TFN. 
  • Apply for your Driver's License - There are very strict driving rules in place in Australia. If you hold a full driver's license from your country, you are likely to be able to drive in Australia for the first three months of your arrival. After that, you will need a driving license from the state or territory you live. However, please confirm this by calling the appropriate authority in Australia.
The state and territory contact details for driving licenses are given below:

New South Wales (NSW) See: Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA)
Victoria (VIC) See: Vic roads
Queensland (QLD) See: Licensing & registration
South Australia (SA) See: Welcome to Transport SA
Western Australia (WA) See: Licensing services
Tasmania (TAS) See: Transport - TAS
Australian Capital Territory (ACT) See: Road transport information management
Northern Territory (NT) See: Driver licensing

The "Life in Australia" booklet welcomes newly-arrived migrants and humanitarian entrants to Australia. It provides national, state/territory and local settlement information for migrants, humanitarian entrants, their sponsors and service providers. 

This booklet is available in PDF format in 29 different languages on above website. It is important and useful to printout the booklet and read carefully. You will find answers to many of your queries in this booklet to start a new life in Australia. 

Long-term accommodation: To find real estate agents, you can look at the Yellow pages. Most real estate agents have listings online as well as in their offices. You will have the option of signing a lease for 6 months or 12 months. There will be a Rental bond (4-6 weeks of rent) associated with your rent depending on the accommodation you sign up for. 

As a first time tenant, you might also need some bank statements to prove your ability to pay rent. Once you are employed, pay slips will be accepted as proof of your ability to pay. 

Some helpful real estate sites are:

Job Search Information 

The first thing to do regarding employment is to register with the local Centrelink office. The facilities at their offices include printing out listings of local opportunities for free, and getting advice on local jobs and conditions.

It is important that you have a well-written resume detailing your qualifications, training and work experience. It is advisable to get your resume professionally written. 

It is important that you tailor your job applications to suit each job you apply for ensuring you have addressed the selection criteria requested. 

Sending the same resume for all the jobs may not produce the desired result. Also, make sure every resume is accompanied with a cover letter. 

Most recruitment agencies receive hundreds of resumes every day. Hence it is imperative that your cover letter and the first page of your resume is impressive.

Many immigrants struggle to get a job in this land of opportunities due to lack of a professional resume. Most employers advertise for positions online. However, this percentage is as low as 20%. 

Most immigrants compete for these 20% advertised positions miss out on the 80% hidden job market. Our "Ultimate Results System" will tremendously help you quickly survive, sustain, and thrive in Australia. 

Here are a number of useful sites, some of them specific to types of industries and trades:
  • mycareer.com.au
  • careerone.com.au
  • seek.com.au
  • hiwages.com
  • nowhiring.com.au
  • daywork.com.au
Recruitment firms:
  • Allstaff Resources
  • Clements Recruitment
  • Drake International
  • EntrĂ©e Recruitment
  • Extrastaff
  • Hays
  • Hender Consulting
  • Hudson Global Resources
  • Human Interest Partners
  • Locher Human Resources
  • McArthur Management Services
  • MPS Group Professional Recruitment
  • Recruitment Solutions
  • Robert Walters
  • Speakman Tanner Menzies
  • Stillwell Management Consultants Pty Ltd
  • Talent2
  • Westaff
  • jobsinhr.com.au
  • solutioncity.com.au
  • miningjobs.com.au
We hope you find this information useful. We wish you the best for your settlement in this "Land of opportunities". 

We also offer free Home Loan Advice to Immigrants.