Before you arrive

Remember the 6 P formula of success: Prior Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Invest quality time in knowing more about Living in Australia, well before you arrive.

If you are migrating without your family, finding a shared accommodation till you create your first breakthrough is a great idea. 

If your family is accompanying you, arranging an accommodation in advance is highly recommended. That way you've a place to get to from the airport.

AirBnB and Gumtree are two great resources to find temporary accommodation in Australia. 

Real Estate Agents in Australia may not be able to help immigrants without an evidence of ongoing local source of income.

Some landlords rent their properties through private advertising, though.  

Most immigrant professionals migrating to Australia are highly educated, well experienced, and possess numerous skills.

Getting a job in Australia in any field is certainly not easy. However, it's not impossible if you've undergone professional mentoring before you permanently migrate to Australia.

Schedule your Career Launch Session with us and we'll make your journey to landing your perfect Australian job more comfortable.  

At the Airport

Declare everything you have brought. Honesty is the best policy. 

The best option is "when in doubt, declare". It is better than taking the risk if you are unsure, because it can lead to hefty fines. 

Unprocessed food items are generally difficult to get through the Quarantine here. Plants and soil are also strictly not allowed. Check the website outlining the Australian quarantine guidelines. 

Respect Australian values

Australian values include:
  • respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual
  • equality of men and women
  • freedom of religion
  • commitment to the rule of law
  • support for Parliamentary democracy
  • a spirit of egalitarianism that embraces mutual respect, tolerance, fair play, compassion for those in need and pursuit of the public good
  • equal opportunity for individuals, regardless of their race, religion or ethnic background
Although these values may be expressed differently by different people, their meaning stays the same. 

The values may not be unique to Australia, but they have broad community agreement and underpin Australian society and culture.