Australia job-search secrets revealed to you

by Skype Video


Would you like to have first-hand information about career opportunities in Australia before you migrate?

Have you applied for jobs in Australia while overseas and not getting any response from employers?

Are you a qualified professional currently in Australia who's struggling to find your perfect job and are frustrated with your job search?

Is fear of unknown or fear of failure holding you back from migrating to Australia?

Then you must take this informative and empowering consultation

In this 90 min. Comprehensive Skype Video Session 
  • You will get insight into your Australian career opportunities and the inner workings of the Australian job market
  • You'll discover why immigrants typically fail or take much longer in getting their perfect jobs

  • You will be able to identify baggage immigrants typically carry and ways to overcome liabilities

  • You will know why most resumes go into a "black hole" and why you never hear back from Hiring Managers

  • You'll receive honest feedback on the marketability of your resume in Australia and converting it into a job magnet
  • You'll be offered effective strategies for quickly securing your perfect job in Australia
  • You will receive practical and reliable first-hand information based on our experience of living and working in Corporate Australia for 20+ years
  • You will be provided with our recommendations about timing of migration, and advice on location of accommodation if migrating to Melbourne
  • We will reveal secrets to succeeding in Australia fast track

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Client Testimonial: 

"Before migrating to Australia I attended Mr. Rajiv's Skype video "Career Launch Session" in which I received a glimpse of improvements needed in my CV, change in mental attitude required, and overall strategy to take in job search. All these have been a great help, and Mr. Rajiv's advice is an inspiration which really keeps you going when you feel low in your job search efforts. I could get my perfect job within 4 weeks of my arrival in Sydney by applying certain subtle techniques learned from Mr. Rajiv over the months. I wish him all the best, and may he positively guide many new immigrants in their efforts of settling down in Australia." - Abhirup (IT Product Manager)