Live your new life with GRACE


You are a warrior. Every immigrant is a warrior. But you must prove it by fighting your own battle and winning it by surviving, sustaining, and ultimately succeeding in Australia.

Making the biggest change of migration, facing tough challenges in your new life and career in Australia, successfully overcoming them, and thriving in a new country requires as much resilience as an urge to succeed.

All those compromises you've made when you migrated to Australia are in vain if you're living a mediocre life in Australia. I believe, the law of averages is for average people. And as an immigrant you do not want to live an average life.

Brush up your Communication and People Skills. They're the most sought after transferrable skills in today's day and age regardless of your field of occupation.

I believe, excellence in life comes only from being committed, persistent, and resilient. These are the most important qualities you must possess in any situation if you want to achieve excellence in life, but particularly so when you're an immigrant.

The best advice I can give you as a new immigrant is, expect the unexpected.

If you set this right expectation for yourself, no challenge will seem bigger than your higher purpose, why you migrated to Australia in the first place.

This is the reason I believe you must be emotional around your migration. One of the most life changing things I learned in my sales career in Australia is this. Only emotions lead to action. Reasons only lead to conclusion.

You must strive for excellence and thrive in Australia, not just by following the footsteps of successful people but by setting up your own bench mark so people will look at you as a reference point.

You must live your new life in Australia with GRACE. And here is my interpretation of GRACE.

G stands for Guidance. Seek guidance from someone who will not just be a successful leader but who will create a leader in you. Your mentor's philosophy will have a profound effect on your life.

R is for Resolve to commit. Commitment is the wholehearted willingness and dedication to create the life that you want followed by the next point - Action.

A stands for taking immediate imperfect action. Most people wait till things become perfect, and that never happens. The world wants you now, not when you're perfect. Do your level best as if there is no tomorrow. Don't run for lunch, run for life.

C is for Check results regularly. It's the monitoring mechanism that will tell you whether you're on-track or off-track. There is no sense in climbing a mountain and then realising you've climbed the wrong one.

E is for Evolve continuously. Do things differently every day that will take you closer to your career goals. As immigrant an area you should be most focussed on is strategic networking.

Sushant is a great example of this. Where others believe that the recruitment process almost comes to standstill in December, Sushant secured his dream job on 28th Dec. and started his new career on 3rd Jan. This is what I mean by living your life with GRACE. 

Give it a thought, I know you will.

Are you a migrant who has just arrived in Australia and not getting anywhere with your career breakthrough? Alternatively, have you just got your Australian PR visa and preparing for your migration soon? Or, do you need help with migration visa and job-search in Australia?

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It's our promise that we'll offer you high level of emotional, mental, and professional career support that you need after you migrate to this new world of opportunities..  

Have a great day, make it a great day!