Will I get a job in Australia?

Will I get a job in Australia?

You see, when you ask yourself "will I get a job in Australia?" the answers are always going to be, "no" or "may be". Because, if you were confident enough you would not ask this question in the first place. Makes sense?

During a Skype consultation an immigrant professional with extensive overseas experience in her field at international level asked me, "will I get a job in Australia after I migrate?". And this was not the first time someone asked me this question.

"What do you think?" I asked in return. "I dont know .... may be" she said. 

Your answers to this question will always be coming from the place of insecurity, fear of unknown, fear of failure, worry, and victim mentality. And, you are quite likely to settle for less. Complacency kicks in and you feel great that you've at least A job, when you do. 

The right question to ask is, "how can I get The job in Australia?". This is a complete paradigm shift in thinking. This is Victor mentality, focussing on your urge to succeed in a new country and getting the job and salary you deserve. 

Now your are focussing on taking immediate massive action, and having momentum in your job search.

Your actions will always be in alignment with your attitude, and your attitude will be in sync with your philosophy - what you believe in. The more your inner world expands in a positive way the more successful you will be in a new country.

The bottom line is, if you are unable to know your self-worth, employers will not value your net-worth. This often leads to accepting jobs at a much lower level resulting in shortchanging yourself, and as immigrant it takes much longer to find your way up in a new country.

Give this a serious thought. I am sure you will.

Have a great day, make it a great day.

Raka Mitra
We are a family of three and have been granted PR Visa , subclass 190 (South Australia, State Sponsorship) in January 2016. My husband and I, have around 17 years of professional experience and have a school going 12 year old daughter. We plan to move to Adelaide in April 2017.
I am basically an Electronics Engineer and out of the 17 years of my professional experience, I have worked in Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai (Department of Atomic Energy,Government of India) as Scientist and since the last 1 year I am working for a reputed American Aerospace MNC in Bangalore as a Senior Technology Specialist. My husband has worked in various companies over the last 17 years and at present is working for a French Construction Chemicals MNC as the Marketing Head. He holds a Masters Degree in Organic Chemistry.
We seek your guidance in striking with the right job opportunity in Adelaide. Please let us know how to go ahead.
Raka Mitra
I have been in this situation myself and know exactly how you feel. I am glad you've booked a Skype video consultation with me. Let's make it happen ... together!
We are from India and currently live in the USA. We hold an Australian PR the travel date on which expires in May 2017.
Meanwhile, we got the Australian PR for our new born that is valid till 2021.
We are not able to make the migration move by our validity date. Can we use our child's status to seek extension to our PR travel dates? (RRV?)
Please let us know the possibilities so we can get in touch with you for further process.

  1. Hi

    I am currently going through this delima.

    I am from South Africa and was granted my PR visa in 2011 but was too afraid to make the move because I was afraid that I might not find a job. My visa is going to expire in November and now I have to make the decision, time has run out.

    I am 49yrs old and an Ict Business Analyst. Do you have any recommendations for me to find work in QLD.