For Australian PR / Work / Dependant Visa Holders unable to make a decision to migrate to Australia

Applying for Australian Visa and even getting one is just the beginning. Migrating to a new country is a massive decision. It is the biggest change you're making in your life and getting overwhelmed is quite natural. 

Moral or ethical dilemmas are between good and bad. Migration related dilemmas are usually between Good and Great, hence more complex. Permanently migrating to a new country and starting your new life requires you to come our of your comfort zone and make the decision to leave the safe harbour.   

Having crystal clarity and making the right decision at this important stage in your life can be quite hard without right information and courage. 

Will I get a job in Australia? How long will it take to get a job in Australia? Will I be able to support my family in the salary I earn? Will my spouse / partner be able to get a job quickly? Will Australians accommodate and accept me wholeheartedly? Will there be any discrimination or racism considering I am an expat? Do Australians offer high-paying and responsible jobs to foreigners? How much money do I need to survive without a job? Which city is better for me from job perspective? I have little / young children ... how's the quality of education in Australia? How about school / college fees?  How's the quality of life in Australia, in general? Is Australian economy sound enough? What time of the year is the right time for permanent migration? What's the current job situation in Australia, in general?

Your list of questions can be unending. We've been in this situation before. 

Hence the purpose of this session is to create enough clarity for you so you can make an informed decision of your life.  

We've been living in Australia for over 22 years and have helped hundreds of clients with right advice. 

Let's have a one hour, one-on-one Skype video consultation together and have a serious conversation around your migration. Your spouse is most welcome to attend this session. 

Schedule you $127 Clarity Consultation here

We guarantee, you'll not be disappointed.

In case, you've already made a decision to migrate and need help with job search then this consultation is not for you. Please schedule a Career Launch Session